Author Charges

We provide readers with free download channels, so in order to ensure the stable operation of the journal, we will charge authors related fees. The specific fees are as follows.

Submission Fees

We do not charge any Submission Fees, and all authors can submit for free.

Editorial Processing Charges

We charge the author an editorial processing charges of $55 per article. If all the authors submitting the article are undergraduate or graduate students or teaching staff, Editorial Processing Charges will be waived.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

If authors submit articles through websites and e-mails, We implement a policy of no APCs. However, if authors submit articles through other channels, our partners may charge authors APCs, which can not exceed $150 per article.

Page Charges

There are no Page Charges for authors who submit to JIEAS.

Other Charges

For published papers, if the author voluntarily withdraws, we will charge a processing fee of $30 per paper.