Publishing Guidelines

Publication Cycle:
The journal is published every two months (six times a year).

Number of Publications:
This journal publishes no more than 150 papers each year. An average of no more than 25 papers per month.
In each issue, there should be no more than 2 articles by the same corresponding author.

Publication Requirements:
1. Each single paper is usually no less than 1,500 words and no more than 15,000 words.
2. Normally, the number of references should not be less than 5. If there are special circumstances, the reasons must be indicated when submitting the manuscript.
3. This journal supports joint first authors (Joint Work), and the list of joint first authors should be indicated when submitting the manuscript.
4. The journal does not currently support co-corresponding authors.
5. If there are more than 3 pictures or tables in the main text of the paper, please submit it in a single column.