Editorial Process

The editorial process for JIEAS is as follows:

1. Submission: The author submits through the OJS system or E-MAIL. If using OJS for submission, you need to register an account. If submitting through E-MAIL, the author only needs to send the manuscript in DOC (DOCX) format to the submission email.

2. Formal review: The editorial board conducts a formal review of the received manuscript. In this section, we will check whether the manuscript contains necessary content such as title, author name, affiliation, author introduction, abstract, keywords, main text, references, etc.

3. Academic Ethics Review: If the manuscript passes the formal review, we will conduct an academic ethics review of the manuscript. During this process, we will determine whether the author has engaged in plagiarism and whether the manuscript has been completed by AI.

4. Peer review: If the manuscript passes the academic ethics review, we will conduct peer review on the received manuscript. All manuscripts we receive must undergo peer review by at least 2 professionals in the relevant field.

5. Revision and layout: For manuscripts that have passed peer review, we will layout them and make minor modifications when necessary.

6. Publication: After the editing and typesetting process is completed, we will publish the author's article in the journal within the planned time.

7. Retrieval: After publication is completed, we will send the metadata of the paper to the index database. After a period of time, the author will be able to query the information of the paper in the index database.

We usually need 7-15 days to complete all the processes. Please be patient and we will complete them as quickly as we can.