Relevant instructions on submission standards


In order to ensure the quality of journal articles and prevent academic misconduct, we hope that you can read this announcement before submitting to ensure that the articles you submit meet the requirements.

1.The paper should have originality and originality, and should not plagiarize or plagiarize the research results of others, nor should it publish content that is too similar.

2.The paper should provide a clear, accurate, and complete description of the research questions, methods, results, and conclusions, ensuring that readers can understand the main content and contributions of the paper.

3.The submission of a paper should follow academic integrity and ethical principles, such as not fabricating data, not distorting facts, not plagiarizing, and not plagiarizing, to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of academic research.

4.Submissions should pay attention to the standardization and accuracy of language expression, avoid grammar errors, spelling errors, and inappropriate wording, and ensure the readability and comprehensibility of the paper.